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Cabello & Lezin, L.L.P. provides superior, affordable legal services to a diverse array of clients within the Bay Area. Together with you, we draft a case plan that suits your legal needs and the economic realities facing you and your family. Our relationships with many members of the bench, bar and broader legal community are a result of our principled, hard work, and of the positive rapport that we enjoy with our clients. Our commitment to and experience with a truly diverse client base means that we seek to address the issues that are specific to you.  

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Family Law

Throughout the last decade, our attorneys have gained a reputation from both the Bay Area legal community and our clients as being honest, dedicated, skilled negotiators and firm litigators.  We believe that strong, honest communication and preparation can lead to positive, effective results with the underlying benefit of minimizing expenses.  Too many family litigants feel violated by the court process and by paying out the bulk of their assets to their attorneys, when resolution could have happened in a swifter, less contentious way. We work quickly in each case to assess all possible areas of settlement. But if negotiation reaches a standstill, we draw on our extensive litigation experience to fight for our clients’ legal rights in court.

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Our Immigration practice is based on our belief that every person deserves respect and a chance to succeed in this country.  We work with immigrants from all over the world and strive to not only help each and every client with their particular case but to also educate them along the way.  We have significant experience focusing on the intersection between family, criminal and immigration issues, helping victims of serious crimes and domestic abuse obtain visas and permanent residency.  

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Criminal Law

With our expertise in criminal law, we can defend you if you are accused of a crime, and help guide you through a process of putting it behind you. While juries are told that the accused are innocent until proven guilty, the prosecution rarely gives criminal defendants the respect and advocacy to which they are entitled. We can help. 

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