Limited Scope Representation

Limited scope representation, also called unbundled services, allows clients the opportunity to use an attorney for a particular part of their case, thereby reducing the fees associated with full blown representation.   A client who is not able to afford an attorney to handle every aspect of his or her case or who wants to continue to represent him/herself, now has the option of getting assistance on a particular issue or issues.    

We offer limited scope representation in the following areas:

Limited-scope representation affords people the ability to get as much legal assistance as they need to protect their rights. Clients can follow proper court procedures and present important information to the courts if they have the help of a lawyer during the more complicated parts of their cases.

If you need help with any area of your family law case, including divorce, child custody/visitation, child support modification, but don't have the money for legal representation for the entire case, or would rather try to navigate the court system yourself with an attorney providing you with solid legal advice, please contact us.  We will tailor our services to fit your needs.

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